A good soul these days is hard to find

I remember a game session when I was an undergraduate where the party was guided around a distinctly Dantean hell by John Lennon.  We encountered Sisyphus, Tantalus and… Feargal Sharkey.  He was doomed to an eternity of singing before an enthusiastic audience who would cast their coats onto the stage at the end of each song, smothering Feargal to death.
Lennon was pretty unsympathetic, saying “that’s too good for him… he broke up one of the greatest bands in the world!
The GM doesn’t remember this session at all.  Which doesn’t surprise me because I can hardly remember the games I run either.

One thought on “A good soul these days is hard to find

  1. The GM can’t even find the notes for anything to do with that campaign now… must be in a boxfile in the loft somewhere.

    But I do, at least, still have all the soundtrack tapes I compiled.

    (Sharkey’s subsequent career as shill for The Man seems to have amply supported Lennon’s assessment.)

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