In Flight

These are pretty much all of the new films I’ve watched while travelling this year. Here are my brief reviews. Some mild spoilers, but generally no more spoiling than what the films have already done to themselves.

In Time

Alternate In Time

Tries to be Philip K. Dick; ends up as Pralines and Dick. I expected better of Cillian Murphy. D



Slow, predictable, total lack of exciting car scenes. The Emperor’s New Motor. C-


Immortals poster

Excellent, if you like looking at the same CGI cliff face over and over again. B-

Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses

Could have been a really funny, sharp take on Strangers On A Train; spoiled by crude/misogynistic bits. B

Spiderman 3

Spider Man 3 International Poster

Nobody captures the depressing, miserable existence of a superhero like Toby Maguire. B

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

On Stranger Tides Poster

Exactly what you would expect from a franchise that’s three movies too long. Better ending than the last 2 films though. B-


Chronicle movie poster 540x404

Kids get superpowers, documented in the style of Cloverfield. Predictable conclusion, but engrossing. A-

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible 4 poster

Aka Shaun of the Spooks. Run of the mill plot with some spectacular scenes. But, this movie has spoilers in its own credit sequence so it can fuck right off. B

Jeff Who Lives At Home

Jeff who lives at home poster

Oh, we love dysfunctional family comedy-drama, don’t we. Actually pretty funny, and doesn’t outstay its welcome. A-

Man On A Ledge

Man on a ledge poster

Dumb heist movie that loses any interest it held once the weakly concealed plot is revealed. And Jamie Bell could have worn the shiny catsuit; the director just wanted to show Genesis Rodriguez in her pants. C-

John Carter

John carter movie poster 3

Mediocre plot, unremarkable acting partially redeemed by animation and flying ships. B-

The Woman In Black


p>Woman in black

Distrustful locals, spooky noises, fatal accidents with children. Repeat until dead. B-