Straight with Chaser

Always amused when I can enter 1902 as my DOB on an alcohol website.

Today I am mostly drinking Chase Distillery gin. I’ve been avoiding grain spirits since the gluten free thing started – even though the chances that gliadin will find its way through the distillation process are vanishingly small.

Chase vodka is made entirely from potatoes, and it’s very nice indeed – although the marketing blurb on the label likening it to buttery mashed potatoes is laying it on a bit thick.

Chase gin is made from apples. I’ve got a G&T right now. Unlike the Gordons or Bombay Sapphires that grab you by the collar and scream I AM GIN at you, the Chase gin is more like a polite cough. Very English. I’m mixing it with full-fat tonic from Waitrose which doesn’t have any artificial sweetener.


That green stuff is a couple of sprigs of lemon thyme. Break it into little bits and crush between the teeth at each sip. Lovely.

(Fripp and Eno on the turntable.)