Brief post about interesting things I have read lately.

Firstly a discussion about the “5 minute workday problem” that started (for me, anyway) with Take On Rules‘ review of Lamentations of the Flame Princess, which links to this article on Dungeon’s Master, which itself provides other retrospective links to the “Bed Problem”. Not that I care at all for D&D, but I do care about behaviour. LOTFP comes in from general advice to make most encounters underpowered so as not to tax the PCs too much  and bring the adventure to a grinding halt.

Next, there’s Jonathan Tweet’s post about fixed damage in Pelgrane Press’ upcoming game 13th Age. Fixed damage is a feature I like a lot in Cinematic Unisystem, and I could see how it would speed up D&D too.

Last, the Three Clue Rule from The Alexandrian, a GUMSHOE enthusiast.

And right now, I’m reading Robin Laws’ Hamlet’s Hit Points. Expect a review in due course.