Playlist: Some Female Vocals

Kind of phoning it in this week, but… love those live performances, especially Kim Deal getting a mouthful of microphone.

    1. Duke Spirit, Lassoo
    2. UNKLE, Follow Me Down
    3. Echobelly, Great Things
    4. Lush, Single Girl
    5. Dubstar, Just A Girl She Said
    6. Ting Tings, That’s Not My Name
    7. The Cardigans, Erase/Rewind
    8. The Breeders, No Aloha
    9. Elastica, Vaseline
    10. P.J. Harvey, Dress
    11. Curve, Chinese Burn
    12. Hybrid, If I Survive
    13. School of Seven Bells, Dust Devil
    14. Eve’s Plum, Blue
    15. Go! Team, Doing It Right
    16. Tori Amos, Cornflake Girl
    17. Little Boots, Tune Into My Heart