Playlist: Vampires

I will now give up on the rules. Because I like Bauhaus and because Shriekback wrote a whole load of songs I heard right around the VtM campaign I ran.

So, songs about vampires (and the nice people who hunt them).

  1. Jamiroquai, Alright
  2. Shriekback, The Bastard Sons of Enoch
  3. The Cult, Love Removal Machine
  4. Bauhaus, Bela Lugosi’s Dead (studio version)
  5. David Bowie, Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)
  6. Tony Christie, Avenues and Alleyways
  7. Pet Shop Boys, Being Boring
  8. Annie Lennox, Love Song For A Vampire
  9. Nick Drake, Parasite
  10. Soundgarden, Burden In My Hand
  11. Pixies, Wave of Mutilation (BBC Session)
  12. Shriekback, Nemesis
  13. Chemical Brothers, Setting Sun

One thought on “Playlist: Vampires

  1. I enjoyed this playlist while you were playing it, but I just wanted to comment to say I’ve had ‘Sweet Thing’ as an earworm this morning, without knowing why, and this blog post has just explained :-)

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