Playlist: Arcadia

Away, with the faeries.

  1. Ash, Arcadia
  2. The Bangles, Hero Takes A Fall
  3. David Bowie, Oh! You Pretty Things
  4. Nik Kershaw, Wouldn’t It Be Good (acoustic version)
  5. Dead Can Dance, Garden of Arcane Delights/Carnival of Light
  6. Wolfmother, White Unicorn
  7. Love Is Colder Than Death, Horns and Horses
  8. Air, Cherry Blossom Girl
  9. Ladytron, Playgirl
  10. Suede, My Insatiable One (piano version)
  11. Emiliana Torrini, Weird Friendless Kid
  12. Babybird, There’s Something Going On
  13. Tim Buckley, Song To The Siren
  14. Beatles, Good Day Sunshine
  15. Peter Gabriel, No Self Control
  16. Arcadia, Keep Me In The Dark
  17. Divine Comedy, Gin Soaked Boy
  18. Jesus Jones, Blissed