Playlist: Utopia

I just watched the last episode of Utopia, so here’s some songs that… have almost nothing to do with that show. Anyway.

The Thrill Kill Kult video doesn’t support embedding, so it’s been linked.

  1. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
  2. Radiohead, Bodysnachers
  3. Oscillation, On The Run
  4. Seal, Killer
  5. Photek, The Hidden Camera
  6. Royksopp, Tricky Two
  7. UNKLE, Heavy Drug
  8. Coil, Baby Food
  9. Cranes, September
  10. Frank Black, The Vanishing Spies
  11. Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit
  12. Cure, Pictures of You
  13. Goldfrapp, Utopia