National Stationery Week: Day 1

It’s National Stationery Week! Each day I’ll write about a pen, ink, and paper product. I’ll kick off with my Sheaffer 300:

Sheaffer cappedSheaffer stackSheaffer nib

Pen: Sheaffer 300

Brass body and cap makes it heavy in the hand. Fantastic articulated clip will go into a thick jacket no problem. Cartridges or converter for ink. Medium nib is unyielding but very smooth, writes very wet and on the broad side.

Ink: Black Cherry

Ink BlackCherry

Looks almost brown; it’s much more purple in the flesh. Increasing the amount of Skrip Red in the mix to 10 parts makes for more of an oxblood colour. Flows nicely.

Paper: 5″x3″ Index Cards

Big fan of index cards. Fantastically convenient for brainstorming. Carry a stack held together with a bulldog clip.