National Stationery Week: Day 3

It’s National Stationery Week! Etc.

Today’s Pen: Pelikan M200, fine nib

Pelikan Nib

This is the cheapest in the Pelikan line of pens, and it was still probably more than most people would spend on a pen. It’s really, really good though. The nib is springy, smooth but tactile enough to feel it on the paper–not scratchy at all. It really writes like no other pen I own. The cap screws on meaning there are threads on the section where I hold it, but I can deal with that. The nib looks great, too.

Paper: Quo Vadis Habana

Habana Cahier

Also-ran: the Moleskine Cahier. I was a bit disappointed with the Habana when I got it. The size was great–like the cahier it’s smaller than A4 but larger than A5 (16x24cm, to be precise), the perfect size for me. However it didn’t lie flat. I had to do this:

Bent Back

Stitiching held up no problem. It has a handy back pocket that will just take a folded A4 sheet.

Habana Pocket

Ink: Skrip Black/Pelikan Edelstein Onyx

Edelstein 2

This is generally my black ink pen. Currently it has Skrip black in it, sometimes it has the Pelikan ink. The latter is their expensive premium brand (if you pay full whack–I didn’t, and I probably wouldn’t pay twice the price of a bottle of Skrip or Diamine). It is a different ink–a bit more saturated than the Skrip so less shading and less grey. Not all blacks are the same. Diamine have a broad range of black too.

Ink skripblack