National Stationery Week: Day 4

Pen: Lamy Safari in White with 1.5mm Italic Nib

LAMY Italic Nib

I’ve photographed this pen before, but the italic nib is different. Like other Lamy nibs it’s easily swapped over and it’s fairly rigid. This one’s reasonably smooth.

Italic nibs are a bit harder to write with, and this one is both quite broad and a bit sharp – desirable for a calligraphy pen but maybe less so for just writing with a lot of line variation.

Paper: Rhodia Dotpad

I like the Dotpad because the A4 can be turned landscape, the foldover cardboard cover gets out of the way, and the dots are less obtrusive than squares but provide the same basic function.

Cocoa scan 0001

Ink: Cocoa

Pen and ink

Not gin, a mix of approx 2 parts Waterman Brown to 1 of any black ink I have. Note though that some blacks have a brown base, but others may be blue/teal and may mix differently with the brown.