National Stationery Week: Day 6

Pen: Lamy Vista with Medium Nib



OK, you know what the Lamy pens look like by now. This one is transparent, which means that nice coloured inks are visible not only in the window but also the feed (top photo, although not a very good one).

Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper


There’s something about the combination of this ink and this pen that creeps badly; and when it does the brown ink appears to oxidise and go black. It’s all water soluble, it just looks filthy. The black crud under the tip can rub off on the first character of a new sentence, making a mess on the page (if you care about that sort of thing). I do wonder if it’s caused by the same mechanism as nib fouling in their Pumpkin ink–though clearly that crud has remained orange.

The ink was a free sample, and I like it, I’m just not sure what I’d use it for. It’s nice to make notes with occasionally but it’s a bit bright (much like the Diamine blue).

Ancient copper

Paper: Pukka Vellum


Very nice, not too expensive paper. Feels lovely and the contrast with most inks is very nice. The Ancient Copper is a bit out of place–a black or grey ink would be better–but even so it’s nice to write in. Really wet pens like my Sheaffer will show through a bit, though.