Playlist: Incubation

  1. Joy Division, Incubation1
  2. The Cure, Primary
  3. Ride, Time Of Her Time
  4. Bauhaus, Scopes
  5. Sisters of Mercy, Heartland
  6. Human League, Seconds
  7. LCD Soundsystem, Somone Great
  8. Duran Duran, The Chauffer
  9. Herbaliser, A Mother (For Your Mind)
  10. Tricky, Hell Is Round The Corner
  11. FC Kahuna, Hayling
  12. Gary Numan, Tracks
  13. A-Ha, Manhattan Skyline
  14. My Bloody Valentine, We Have All The Time In The World
  15. The 6ths, Give Me Back My Dreams
  16. Jesus & Mary Chain, Just Like Honey
  17. extra: Bill Murray sings More Than This (Lost in Translation)



  1. Questionable footage from the tasteful 1984 film Murder-Rock: Dancing Death.