Three Colours Red

While I’m comparing inks, how about some red:



Diamine Red Dragon

Diamine Oxblood

Visconti Red (cartridge)


Reds as Document

(scanned with wrong settings)




Here’s an example of two scans, and neither doing the images justice. The one on the left is truer to the daylight colours, but the one on the right shows a better representation of how Oxblood should look – a dirty black red like dried blood. The closeups of the square are a bit better:

Red dragon square Diamine Red Dragon Oxblood square Diamine Oxblood Visconti Square Visconti Red


Even then, those scans have been written with a fairly narrow nib. Oxblood is a rich, dark colour that dries like blood. It needs a fat nib, like my Lamy oblique broad:



Oxblood 3

Nice, eh? This colour is very popular, flows really well and is also easy to clean up.