I’ve Seen A Version Of Bladerunner You People Wouldn’t Believe

I watched the Bladerunner Workprint last weekend. I was expecting something pretty rough and forgettable which I could have on in the background while I did other stuff, but it turned out to be engrossing.


p>Of course, it helps if you think Blade Runner is one of the greatest films ever made. The Workprint has

  • no happy ending
  • no Harrison Ford voiceover (except during the Tears in Rain scene)
  • no unicorn dream (which I have mixed feelings about)
  • the length of cuts differs
  • more violent
  • the language differs (fun fact: Batty calls Tyrell “father” in this version, but the word was changed to “fucker” for all releases until it was changed back in the Final Cut)
  • no end credits
  • the music is different — the final scenes with the extended Deckard/Batty chase don’t use Vangelis’ score, presumably because it hadn’t been finished. Instead there’s stock dramatic music. It changes the tone quite a bit:


(Theatrical release)

Clearly for enthusiasts only, but I felt this version captures Scott’s original intent and the replicant’s emotions very well, and without the unicorn or the happy ending it’s the most ambiguous, and I like that. The workprint appears in the 5-disc “ultimate collectors edition”.