Clean Up For Christmas

In semi-particular order, this is what I’m listening to today.

  1. Magnetic Fields/Everything is One Big Christmas Tree
  2. Sonic Youth/Candle
  3. Sultans of Ping/Xmas Bubblegum Machine
  4. Mr B/’Oh Santa!’
  5. Tom Waits/The Piano Has Been Drinking
  6. Tori Amos/Purple People
  7. David Ford/Have Yourself a Bitter Little Christmas
  8. Tom Lehrer/A Christmas Carol
  9. Low/Taking Down The Tree
  10. Sketches for Albinos/Let It Snow (whoops, can’t find a video. It’s quite nice)
  11. Babybird/It’s Not Funny Anymore
  12. Aimee Mann/Clean Up For Christmas
  13. Foo Fighters/Next Year

Merry whatever.