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New year, new gear.

While I’m winding up to writing about the crazy number of games I’ve garnered recently (damn you, Bundle of Holding) here’s some very pretty ink from my favourite stationers Cult Pens (made exclusively for them by Diamine):


That’s Cult Pens’ Deep Dark Purple. Not a colour that I use much, but something about this shade of purple speaks to me. Not a lot of water resistance, but a fantastic green sheen when laid on thick.
Purple Sheen
To make up the free postage I added some of their Deep Dark Red to the order. I won’t do a proper review but just compare it to Oxblood and Red Dragon (which I’ve compared before):

Differences are very subtle, but I’m not surprised. Deep Dark Blue looks a lot like Diamine Midnight, too. I was going to refill on Oxblood anyway, and the DDR will do fine in its place. Very good for marking up documents.
The fat letters come from my new Pilot Parallel set (xmas prezzie). Fantastic fun, even if my script is a bit wonky.

For more info on the parallel this is Stephen Brown’s review: