Beyond The Wall: Laying Out The Scenario

After Playbooks I promised something on Scenario Packs.

You’re already sick of me waffling on about monomyths and stuff, so I’m going to keep the words to a minimum and let the diagram do the talking:

Scenario Pack

I did the diagram to make some order out of the scenario pack format and work out the correct sequence of events the players should experience. As previous noted

  • there is a domestic phase to the scenario that happens in the village, and an adventure phase that happens Beyond the Wall
  • we lay the scenario out for the GM like this to help them Pace the game
  • pay attention to Transitions
  • consider Subverting the cycle, e.g. what happens if you bring the Ordeal to the village (say, someone in the village is stirring up trouble, and the village itself becomes unstable?)

I plan to rework one of my old LotFP scenarios into this format (keep it gothic, but a bit less grim). Spreadsheets and example to follow.

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