Beyond the Wall: Overthinking the Playbook Fiction

Sometimes there is an itch you must scratch.

In the process of working out my own playbooks for Death Comes To Wyverley I’ve done some deep analysis of the existing playbooks, reconsidered the role of the monomyth cycle, and generated a few flowsheets.

This is my original analysis of the playbook cycle:

Playbook Cycle

And this is my expanded playbook flow sheet:

Playbook Fiction Flow

I developed the flowsheet from some notes I wrote. These in turn were developed based on analysis of the existing playbooks. You can get them here:

Notes on Playbook Fiction
Playbook Analysis

For now I’ve password protected the pdfs. The password for both is the first word of the first paragraph on page 15 of the revised rulebook, lowercase (note — it’s the numbered page in the actual pdf, not what your pdf reader says is the page).