Death Comes To Wyverley v0.1

OK, here is version 0.1 of the Death Comes To Wyverley playset for Beyond the Wall. It collects all of the essays on this blog and some other stuff, ten playbooks, some waffle on how to run and some rules, some tested and some not.

It’s not finished finished — it never will be. There may be scenario packs, rules refinements and other stuff to better explain exactly what you’re supposed to do with this. But I need to call this a milestone and then get away from it for a bit.

For now, if you don’t know Garth Nix then (you should and) this is the pitch:

It’s like Malory Towers and Buffy and Harry Potter and 1920s Call of Cthulhu. Characters are sixth-formers in Wyverley College for Young Ladies Of Distinction, about to strike off into adulthood. The surroundings are northern Ancelstierre, close to the Wall and the border with the magical Old Kingdom, where the Army try to stop the Dead and Free Magic things and Necromancers from crossing over and threatening the civilians.

Should be fun.

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