Preface: Demons

A preface to something…

What are demons to your game world?

  1. Representatives of an absolute, objective evil (Hellblazer)
  2. Ancient races who walked the earth aeons ago (Buffy)
  3. Extra-planar beings separated from our world by a metaphysical barrier (Moorcock/Stormbringer)
  4. A breach in consensus reality (Sorcerer)
  5. A manifestation of personal power or psyche (also Sorcerer, early Stormbringer RPG)

That list moves from objective to subjective; in the middle point you get some kind of hand-waving “other dimensions, too numerous to count, fluid reality” explanation.

Consider two axes — on one you move between an objective and consensus reality to a subjective one, and on the other you move between summoning (and bargaining with) something other to conjuring something from the self. For example:


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