My Life With Dom

This is a political playset/skin for My Life With Master by Paul Czege.

Making the Master

Dominic Cummings is the Master. His Aspect is Brain and his Type is Feeder, although you might think Teacher is also a fit. I lean towards the former which is about feeding the ego, as opposed to the latter which is about evangelising a world-view.

The 19th-century Demesne is replaced by 21st-century Downing Street in London. The Townspeople are the British electorate. The Outsiders are oligarchs, cronies, and other elites in the 1%.

The Master’s Needs (which are what he needs from the Townspeople, and what he uses to threaten the townspeople) are to turn a blind eye to evidence of corruption and failures of government, and to follow the populist narrative against the moderate middle.

The Master’s Wants (which are what he desires from the Outsiders) are recognition of and inclusion in the 1%.

Fear is around 2-3 (the Master does not have a strong, threatening presence), and Reason is higher. This should make for a shorter game with higher incidence of Connections.

Making the Minions

The Minions are the Prime Minister and other members of the cabinet. Generate them like this:

First, assign your Self-Loathing and Weariness as you see fit.

Second, consider how they are both Less than Human and More than Human.

Examples of being Less than Human:

  • Lies compulsively in the face of contradictory evidence, unless the public is no longer outraged
  • Laughs inappropriately in television interviews, unless called on it
  • Spaffs money everywhere, except when spending on the vulnerable

Examples of being More than Human:

  • Powerfully charismatic and likeable, except when alone with family
  • Decisive and quick to act, except in life-or-death situations
  • Applies laws fairly and consistently, except to cronies

Third, create your Connections and Love as per the rulebook.

In Play

Dominic Cummings will ask the minions to do things for him. These acts can be Villainy or outright Violence.

Villainy will be the cynical manipulations of the public. It can include sacrificing people to save face, backing up a lie, making public appearances to further a political scheme and so on. Assume that when this happens they will face some kind of political opposition, for example from:

  • other politicians
  • paperazzi
  • activists
  • ordinary members of the public
  • memes on social media

Violence will be actual illegal and/or harmful activities. They always hurt the Townspeople, either directly or indirectly. They include schemes to syphon away money from community projects, efforts to silence whistleblowers, austerity policies being put forward in the House, and stirring up extremist groups to violent acts. Opposition to this may include the above and also mass gatherings of activists with riots and demonstrations.


This is not my original idea; Mo Holkar ran two political games called alternately My Life With Tony and My Life With David. Unfortunatley I didn’t play in either of them, but I’ve take the high concept.