Roseburn Jetty

The first Pivot encountered is often the Jetty, which is flanked by flat water on one side and roiling tides on the other. Travellers alight from a thousand planes, some by choice, others because the current drifts bear them here. Hire an orienteer with samphire or coal dust, but be wary of their stupors.

The Jetty is taken as proof of an existence beyond the City and the Husk, that touches on other Cities, other Shadows. Among the rituals of significance practiced by adherents there is the ashing of rose petals in sharp glass crucibles, and the rubbing of the ash into excoriated wounds. The faithful cultivate patterns of scabs which form a new bloom on their flesh with each season, made permanent by the ritual. Imitation crop circles are common, though few adherents have seen a cornfield much less milked the umbilical of a passing UFO.