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Let’s do this: Fictoplasm is a podcast about fiction and roleplaying games. Each episode we talk about a book we like, then we talk about the games we’d like to run based on the ideas in the book — maybe picking up the setting wholesale, maybe just cherry-picking tropes and world-building bits. The first episode … Read More


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It’s 4am UK time but midday in Singapore, so you could call that a lie-in. I’ve been agressively trying to rebalance the time-zones; arguably easier travelling East-West since all I need to do is stay awake, which I mostly did — managing a respectable 9.30pm (with naps) but we still have a half-eaten episode of … Read More


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A few changes to the blog. Posts older than 28 days have comments turned off (partly due to spam). The Games page is in development with links to individual pages for various collections of posts, and the recent posts for Elric of R’lyeh have been moved to pages for ease of reading.


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The migration is complete. New and interesting subjects are imminent.