Four Gins Enter, One Gin Leaves

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We have gin, we have gin-loving friends — let’s have a gin-off! The Candidates We had four rather nice gins to try: Bloom, a light floral gin that features honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo Bulldog, a spicy gin that includes dragon eye (similar to lychee) and poppy Portobello Road gin, the most traditional of the four … Read More

What do we say to the God of Death?

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Last weekend I went to the 9 Worlds convention. It was awesome, and I totally recommend it. The combination of many different cultural tracks and a really strong focus on being inclusive made for a great atmosphere. This is what I saw: Dr Who Fanvids Archaeology of Fantasy Worlds Urban Fantasy Worlds (All the Books) … Read More

Chorizo and Cannellini Soup

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Every so often we roast a chicken or duck. The bones get made into stock, the leftover meat goes in a cassoulet or risotto or jambalaya, stock gets used as and when needed. One thing we don’t make often is soup–probably because chicken stock lends itself to vichyssoise, which I don’t really like. We never … Read More

Straight with Chaser

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Always amused when I can enter 1902 as my DOB on an alcohol website. Today I am mostly drinking Chase Distillery gin. I’ve been avoiding grain spirits since the gluten free thing started – even though the chances that gliadin will find its way through the distillation process are vanishingly small. Chase vodka is made … Read More

Nothing more than another glass of wine

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 On the last shopping trip to the wine merchants I happened to find a bottle of 2009 Domaine des Nugues Beaujolais Villages among the 2010 bottles. The 2009 tastes better than the 2010 (more body, better balance of acidity, fruitier), which is what I expected since 2009 was a really good year for Beaujolais. A … Read More