New Journal!

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Among other chores this weekend I’m rolling over to a new bullet journal. I’ve been using this approach for a few years but in 2018 I tried something different: rather than just use the BuJo for tasks, I’d use it for everything, including work meeting minutes, creative RPG ideas, daily tasks and so forth. This … Read More


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This is what happened when I opened my new bottle of Montblanc Lavender Purple: You could be forgiven for thinking that’s just dried ink inside the cap, but look at around 8 o’clock and you can see a big fuzzy growth, as well as some stringy stuff in the middle which could be slime or … Read More

Inky Flush

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This is a bit of fun using the straw technique as used by Ian Hedley on his ink reviews e.g. Diamine Red Dragon. I was cleaning out four pens: Lamy Safari with Cult Pens’ Deep Dark Purple Parker 51 with Diamine Graphite Noodler’s Ahab with Cult Pens’ Deep Dark Orange Another Ahab with Diamine Evergreen … Read More

Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Edition

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The FP community has been asking Lamy to make a purple Safari for ages. The Safari knock-off Hero 359 came in purple, but the Safari special editions have all been unpleasant neon colours. But in 2016 the Dark Lilac Safari arrived: The Safari is cheap and the nibs are easily swapped, and they have a … Read More