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October has become a strange time of year. Two years ago we — that is the Oxford RPGSoc alumni — lost a dear friend Kate to a horrible illness. Kate was there when I formed a lot of the lasting friendships I have today. Kate played in my Vampire game in the 3rd year. Kate … Read More

400th Post! Apocalypse Warning

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400th blog post! Yesterday we weighed Rowan, and at 8 weeks he seems to be the weight of an average 4 month old child. Based on that data point we can assume his weight will double every 2 months, which means that some time around 2028 he will be around the same mass as the … Read More


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Yesterday our first child was born. I celebrated by going home and sleeping. Tonight is the last night of our house being a house for just two people, if all goes to plan. I feel I should be using the quiet to say something heartfelt and poignant, make sentimental promises to our newborn, or talk … Read More