I still believe Mandy

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(and Jennifer, and Hannah, and Vivka) Following up on this post. Zak S posted an official statement — not in the obvious place but on a new dedicated blog. I read it, because… uh, balance. Like, I feel someone accused of something as awful as this deserves to be heard. Maybe that’s foolish of me. … Read More

I believe Mandy

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One of the strategies I’ve used for managing my depression is withdrawing from social media1. This is an exception, because it’s (a) too important to ignore and (b) an echo of one of the reasons I quit social media in the first place. This is a post by Mandy Morbid about long term abuse from … Read More


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In 2000 we carried two kittens through the flood in a cardboard box. Over the years to come they brought us great joy and were better companions than we ever imagined they could be. Today we said farewell to Puck. He survived his sister by a few weeks but we’re not sure he ever got … Read More

Came in the flood

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18 years ago we carried two kittens through a flood in a cardboard box. Part of a litter of five born to a ginger queen, Cobweb was one of two tortoiseshell kittens. Their faces were a mirror image of the other. I don’t know who took the other kittens; I think the other pair of … Read More

New shoes

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Today was the memorial for a friend I’d not actually seen for many years. He died suddenly and too young. The service was lovely with many many examples of how warm and smart and funny he was. My memory is the weekly movie club, more than ten years ago; I remember The Prisoner projected onto … Read More