iPad 2 and iOS 8: How to fix the slowdown

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This is a public service announcement. If you love your iPad2 as I do (all those tasty, tasty game PDFs) but after updating to iOS8 found that it now has the responsiveness of a brick, here’s what you can do: Reset the network by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. … Read More

Markdown Enabled

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I am pleased to announce that this blog supports Markdown. Specifically it’s Markdown Extra, which has a few extra features (like inline HTML support). I’m posting in Markdown via MarsEdit (configuration for MarsEdit is here) using iA Writer for writing the actual text first. Markdown is enabled in the comments field, too. Try it out! … Read More


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I’ve been having fun with Tesseract, an open source OCR engine. It works from the command line, taking image files (TIFF and JPEG work for me) and outputting plain text. That’s all. It doesn’t do anything fancy overlay text on an image to generate a searchable pdf (it does output hOCR and handles multiple columns, so I assume that … Read More