Beyond the Waves

This is a set of playbooks for Beyond the Waves, a Beyond the Wall setting on an archipelago.

All playbooks (PDF) Individual playbooks (zip file)

Death Comes to Wyverley

A Beyond the Wall supplement for playing games in Garth Nix’ Old Kingdom.

Death Comes To Wyverley (PDF)

Elric of R’lyeh

An alternate-Earth 1920s setting that combines the Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer rpgs from Chaosium

The Revised Elric of R’lyeh (PDF)

Fugue Hacking

The first published supplement for James Wallis’ Fugue system as used in the forthcoming game Alas Vegas.

Fugue Hacking (PDF)

Grunting by Jen Spencer

A free RPG by Jen Spencer.