Edith and Freddie Go To See The Harlequin

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I said before that Over the Edge was the game I should have been running in the 90s instead of Mage. I also said in my #RPGCoverArtAppreciation contribution that I really prefer the 1e cover to the 2e. It’s surprisingly hard to find examples of the 1e cover of a decent size, so I was … Read More

New Scenery

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So, I’m trying something out with the scenery… the images come from some random ink drawings I did when using up the last few drops in the ink converter before flushing the pens out. The Sea  Tower Between Realms Degrees of Infection A bit hit-and-miss. Unfortunately the scanner doesn’t pick up the lovely red sheen … Read More

Alas Vegas Tarot

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I backed James Wallis’ Kickstarter for Alas Vegas, a game about waking up in a shallow grave naked and with no memory just outside Las Vegas. Anyway, the artist John Coultart has created the Major Arcana for the Alas Vegas Tarot, and he blogs about it here. As James said recently — one card in … Read More