Beyond the Waves: relics from the last war

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For Beyond the Waves: ancient technology from the last war between the Haunted Empire and the Island States. I. Ekranoplan wrecks The airspace above the Archipelago is haunted. The Empire’s flyers would dive when they hit the Archipelago airspace, or curve in unpredicted trajectories. For decades the imperial scientists attempted to map that volume of … Read More

Castle Lysander

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Castle Lysander This is a playset/re-skin for Beyond the Wall. Lysander’s castle lies at the centre of a magical wasteland. Those who dwell in the castle are citizens of Lysander, having taken their lord’s offer of sanctuary. Many have fled untold horrors. Many more are unsure of how they arrived here; they remember the castle … Read More

Beyond the Waves: Playbooks

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So the newborn has disrupted blogging for a bit. Anyway, here’s a playbook guide for Beyond the Waves, including: new playbooks tweaks for existing playbooks miscellaneous notes The whole document is here although it’s quite long at around 36 pages. New playbooks I’ve split out the new playbooks in a zip file here (Word docx … Read More

Designer Diary: Pitching Black Mantle

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One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep my hand in writing something, anything. It helps, because for some reason I can have ideas and be really lazy about writing them down. I have bad habits. Anyway, this is my game. It’s called Black Mantle. Fluff, Colour, Tone, Setting, Yadda Yadda This … Read More