Storygames Ahoy!

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This weekend we have been playing a trio of storygames. I have the Admirals at Black Armada to thank for my general introduction to their new school / indie / prepless / GMless hippy games, but it’s still unfamiliar territory. Archipelago As I mentioned in the comments here I don’t think I’ve found a Nordic … Read More


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A few years ago I went on a leadership course. It was a strange and challenging experience that certainly altered my view on life and people forever. It consisted of a number of lectures and team-building exercises (with a bunch of strangers). It was not the sort of course where you get a handy ring … Read More

20 Questions for Everway

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Let’s think of a general case for character creation. There are two approaches: qualitative, and quantitative. In the quantitative approach, you generate some absolute numbers (randomly or by point-buy) and apply them to your character sheet according to what competencies you want your PC to have. Min/maxers, OSR players, and anyone thinking of generating a … Read More

Fiat Breaks Down

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Daniel Dover wrote a long essay on what a decent RPG provides that can be boiled down to: Clear and consistent premise, with traits and mechanics that do what they say they’re going to do Optionally, provides inspiration to the player and GM Optionally, provides interesting gameplay due to the in-game choices offered to the … Read More

CIty Accelerator pt 8: Area Knowledge

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I’ve always had trouble with Area Knowledge and Streetwise skills. What do they represent? What is the benefit of a successful roll? What’s the consequence of failure? For GURPS I guess they’re supposed to work like this. In Storyteller games, goodness knows. Streetwise is a weird hybrid of savoir faire, larceny, situational awareness and familiarity … Read More