The Gentleman Gamer

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One of the other rpg video review blogs I like is the Gentleman’s Guide to Gaming. Here he is talking about Wraith: the Oblivion: Nice to see a smartly-dressed young man, don’t you think? I think his review is pretty much spot on – covering how different and estranged the game is from its Storyteller … Read More

Personality Chaos 2: Order from Chaos

Categories: Roleplaying Games, Theory and Design

The iPad has a really good app for writing Mandala Charts. William Reed has an article on it as well as some others in his flexible focus series. The Mandala Chart is also called the Lotus Blossom technique. It was developed by Matsumura Yasuo. From the Wikipedia Page on Mandala: In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any plan, chart … Read More