City Hierarchies

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Some history: in late 2012 I had the idea for the City Accelerator, wrote down a few blog posts and then wondered how to turn it into a generic RPG tool. That tool is now getting used after a fashion in Black Mantle, but on its own it’s only really worth a couple of blog … Read More

The City Shared

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Here is a collaborative World-Building mini-game thing I’m contributing to the #3nano16 hashtag. Suitable for one GM, a traditional gaming group of GM and players (writing assumes this arrangement), or as a GMless collaborative exercise. You will need writing materials — I recommend index cards, and a large sheet of paper. I recommend a different … Read More

Designer Diary: Pitching Black Mantle

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One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep my hand in writing something, anything. It helps, because for some reason I can have ideas and be really lazy about writing them down. I have bad habits. Anyway, this is my game. It’s called Black Mantle. Fluff, Colour, Tone, Setting, Yadda Yadda This … Read More

Playtest Metrics

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There doesn’t seem to be much advice — that’s discoverable advice from a few Google searches — on how to run a playtest of your shiny new RPG. As an outsider1 to this process, the prevailing attitudes seem to be play it until it breaks, and if you’re having fun, you’re not playtesting. Playtesting should … Read More