The City Shared

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Here is a collaborative World-Building mini-game thing I’m contributing to the #3nano16 hashtag. Suitable for one GM, a traditional gaming group of GM and players (writing assumes this arrangement), or as a GMless collaborative exercise. You will need writing materials — I recommend index cards, and a large sheet of paper. I recommend a different … Read More

Thief Reboot

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One thing that has driven my PC upgrades — the Thief series. Of course, Deadly Shadows was released in 2004 which means my most up-to-date PC is a single-core clunker that runs on steam and Pedigree Chum. For the past five years I’ve been putting off buying a new console until I heard news of the fourth instalment, … Read More

Who Will Buy?

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Simon Burley’s article on USP touched on a subject I’m also concerned about. Who am I selling my game to? My game started as a setting-free toolkit, but I’m told that toolkits are hard to market. Since I’m a consumer of games I can do some handy market research on my bookshelf (or hard drive). … Read More