New Thief

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The new Thief game is apparently not good. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise. Some say it’s a calamitous disaster. A woeful disappointment. There’s a complete roundup of reviews but I mostly went straight to the Zero Punctuation review:   The Escapist : Zero Punctuation : Thief – Stealing a Classic Another good review, … Read More

Remember Me How I Was

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This is the cover of WD82. It contains a Traveller adventure, a great article on running an AD&D Discworld game, a Judge Dredd article, a Warhammer article, an article about cartography, and all the usual columns–Open Box reviews Jorune of all things, Dave Langford’s Critical Mass considers Donaldson’s The Mirror Of Her Dreams, and there’s … Read More

RPG Spotlight: Rifts

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This is sort of a request from an online acquaintance. (Cover by Keith Parkinson)  I owned the original Rifts, the first couple of sourcebooks (including the original Vampire Kingdoms) and even the Conversion Book–at the time we had other Palladium games like TMNT and Robotech. I hadn’t touched Rifts for years. My dim recollection was of … Read More


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I saw Looper yesterday. It was quite good. I say “quite good” because critics have gone apeshit over it, and I’m starting to wonder if I saw the same film. Angela Watercutter’s Wired review opines “There are the moments where Looper truly excels at simultaneously being a sci-fi film, an action movie, and a thought-provoking … Read More

Cycle of Time

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The Times is reporting about a solicitor who was knocked down by a cyclist and left brain damaged while the cyclist walked away with a measley £850 fine. Susan Hyer (wife of Clive, the unfortunate victim) said “It’s about time people stopped worrying about cyclists being killed by lorries if they do not conduct themselves … Read More