Swords and Diversity

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So, I attended the Diversity in LARP panel at Nine Worlds, and it was great. After the panel I started thinking about diversity and inclusiveness in Western Martial Arts (cross-fertilisation of geek streams is one of many great things about Nine Worlds). How are we really doing in being inclusive, respectful and sensitive to students … Read More

Martial Truths: Sword vs Staff (The Full Length, part II)

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Last post I discussed the relative lengths of Elizabethan rapiers and swords, and the tactics one would use to defeat another. To follow up, I’d like to discuss a greater mismatch: single sword against a quarterstaff. Mostly it’s in response to Matt Easton’s video: Matt’s video is partly challenging the idea that the quarterstaff is … Read More

Martial Truths: Back To School (part 1)

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Let’s talk about martial arts schools. This Is Your Brain On Martial Arts Remember this? (from this post) This is the modern combatives “tactical pyramid”. It shows the priority of attributes in a martial artist needed to win fights. Natural advantage aside, all of these aspects may be trained (or in the case of Kit, … Read More