Valmont and Danceny

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Watch this bout between Valmont and Danceny from 1988’s Dangerous Liaisons: “Dangerous Liaisons” (1988): Duel Scene and de Tourvel’s Death from August Martin on Vimeo. (fun fact, Malkovich’s baseball slide at 1:40 was apparently his suggestion to fight coordinator William Hobbs) The Vicomte at least turns up to the fight sober, unlike this scene from … Read More

Apres Stormbringer…

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There is no longer a RPG for Michael Moorcock’s Elric in English. But there’s one in French. And now I have a copy. Entrez dans les Jeunes Royaumes! A completely new system, despite bearing both the Mongoose and Elric of Melnibone brands. Also, this: I’ll wait for this one when I get back to the … Read More

Cut Up Sunday

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The Cronenberg Project opens on November 1st of this year, celebrating “all things Cronenberg”. Unfortunately it’s in Toronto, but there’s a virtual exhibition. Cronenberg donated several props to the Toronto Film Festival — including the Clark Nova from Naked Lunch, which opened the press conference. The iconic Clark Nova writing on its own and then in full BugWriter … Read More

I’ve Seen A Version Of Bladerunner You People Wouldn’t Believe

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I watched the Bladerunner Workprint last weekend. I was expecting something pretty rough and forgettable which I could have on in the background while I did other stuff, but it turned out to be engrossing. < p>Of course, it helps if you think Blade Runner is one of the greatest films ever made. The Workprint … Read More

Ray Harryhausen, RIP

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Ray Harryhausen passed away yesterday. Among his film credits are Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans, as well as three Sinbad films. Aside from his contribution to film special effects, Harryhausen should have a special place in the heart of any gamer. He’s responsible for the kraken, medusa, clockwork owls and swordfights with animated skeletons: … Read More