Eight Drunken Gods

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In Drunken Master Beggar So’s art manifests through the Eight Drunken Gods (derived from the Eight Immortals). These eight avatars are the expression of mastery not through principle but rather allegory and imitation. In the climactic final battle against Thunderleg, Freddie Wong (Chan) performs a variety of special moves, “spending” each god in turn during … Read More

Just One Drink: Martini

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52% of my fellow Britons want to leave the EU. I have no idea what this will mean long term, but the pound is already suffering. I’m sad, because I like being European as well as British. Here’s a martini made with Spanish gin and French vermouth. Yes, I know it’s early. Gin Mare is … Read More

Just One Drink: French 75

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This is the recipe I used for a cheapskate French 75: 25 ml gin 25 ml lemon juice 25 ml sugar syrup 100 ml cava or prosecco slice of pink grapefruit The IBA’s standard recipe is 6:3:1.5 champagne to gin to lemon juice, with a couple of dashes of sugar syrup. Cross’s Classic 1000 Cocktails … Read More

Just One Drink: Gimlet

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A gimlet is a small, sharp tool for drilling holes, and a gimlet cocktail is similarly short and sharp. According to my favourite cocktail book (Robert Cross’ Classic 1000 Cocktails) the Gimlet emerged in 1930 as a cross between two cocktails, a Gimblet (1 1/2 gin, 1/2 lime juice) and a Gimlet (1:1 msr Plymouth … Read More

Just One Drink: Gin & Tonic

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So, as a new parent I can only really have one or two drinks in the evening. Cocktails make it easier to ration alcohol, and I like gin. This is a really nice G&T. The G&T was a way to make tonic water palatable by adding gin in the early 19th century (if you believe … Read More