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Hmm, I may have just taken one pill too many of my thyroxine medication. One of those things you just do automatically. Silly me. To deal with it right now, I’ve just drunk a lot of strong coffee (Taylor’s Allez! Allez!, cafetiere, and it’s good stuff!) because caffeine inhibits thyroxine absorption. Ironically, the superficial hyperthyroid … Read More

Open Up

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These days, I prefer a Mac to a PC, and I prefer to write in my office at home – with music if I’m inclined, with a cat if she’s inclined, and usually with a nice cup of tea. I have fewer options at work unfortunately – there’s a kettle for tea and I have … Read More

Geometry and Lies

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Is women-specific geometry on bikes an exercise in patronising female customers? As Lovely Bicycle points out, the market for “ladies’ bikes” tends towards the step-through frame – because the crinoline is such a mainstay of modern womens’ fashion. On the other hand, the woman’s bike features a longer head tube and other tweaks for a … Read More

Wheat from Chaff

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This year is the tenth anniversary of me losing my hair. It went like this: a coin-sized bald patch appeared on my scalp. I went to the doctor and he took some blood, and gave me steroid ointment which did nothing. More of my hair fell out and I started to feel pretty awful all … Read More