Field Notes

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Hipsters yearn for a simpler time. A time when hi-fi meant turntable, stylus and vinyl1. A time when bicyles had only one gear. A time when trousers cut off the circulation to your ankles. Now the hipsters are abandoning their phablets and turning to paper notebooks. The wifi is a bit rubbish but the battery … Read More

CIty Accelerator pt 8: Area Knowledge

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I’ve always had trouble with Area Knowledge and Streetwise skills. What do they represent? What is the benefit of a successful roll? What’s the consequence of failure? For GURPS I guess they’re supposed to work like this. In Storyteller games, goodness knows. Streetwise is a weird hybrid of savoir faire, larceny, situational awareness and familiarity … Read More

City Accelerator pt 7: Sustained Creation

Categories: My Games, Roleplaying Games, Theory and Design

Say you’ve got a bunch of cards, stacked into Districts as the product of an afternoon’s planning (and possibly drinking). What next? OK, back up a second. Let’s define a District: A District is a discrete collection of Locations, with defined Entry and Exit Points. (On that nomenclature: if you don’t like the word District, … Read More