Cow sighted

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Been quiet here and on the podcast for various reasons; the main one is I’ve been pouring my creative energies into getting ready for Concrete Cow 18.5 on the 15th September. I’m offering 2 games: in the morning I’ll be running StormHack (that’s Stormbringer meets Whitehack) with the classic Chaosium scenario “Stolen Moments” from the … Read More

The City Shared

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Here is a collaborative World-Building mini-game thing I’m contributing to the #3nano16 hashtag. Suitable for one GM, a traditional gaming group of GM and players (writing assumes this arrangement), or as a GMless collaborative exercise. You will need writing materials — I recommend index cards, and a large sheet of paper. I recommend a different … Read More

Five Analog Brainstorming Tools

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Following on from Messy Designs and prompted by the Design Games Podcast (around 19 min in this episode) I would like to talk about five brainstorming tools I like for creating things. However the aim is not to talk about how to brainstorm (because the reader knows this) or how to use each tool (because … Read More

Dorian Aquila: An Introduction

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Today has been a good day. Taking my dad to the hospital has been… OK. I made a really good spag bol afterwards. While I was waiting I wrote some of The Last Days Of Dorian Aquila, a storygame about a faux 17th century duellist. Including this relationship map: And some fluff: “The Last Days … Read More