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It’s 4am UK time but midday in Singapore, so you could call that a lie-in. I’ve been agressively trying to rebalance the time-zones; arguably easier travelling East-West since all I need to do is stay awake, which I mostly did — managing a respectable 9.30pm (with naps) but we still have a half-eaten episode of … Read More

New Scenery

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So, I’m trying something out with the scenery… the images come from some random ink drawings I did when using up the last few drops in the ink converter before flushing the pens out. The Sea  Tower Between Realms Degrees of Infection A bit hit-and-miss. Unfortunately the scanner doesn’t pick up the lovely red sheen … Read More

Playtest Metrics

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There doesn’t seem to be much advice — that’s discoverable advice from a few Google searches — on how to run a playtest of your shiny new RPG. As an outsider1 to this process, the prevailing attitudes seem to be play it until it breaks, and if you’re having fun, you’re not playtesting. Playtesting should … Read More