Open Up

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These days, I prefer a Mac to a PC, and I prefer to write in my office at home – with music if I’m inclined, with a cat if she’s inclined, and usually with a nice cup of tea. I have fewer options at work unfortunately – there’s a kettle for tea and I have … Read More

Geometry and Lies

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Is women-specific geometry on bikes an exercise in patronising female customers? As Lovely Bicycle points out, the market for “ladies’ bikes” tends towards the step-through frame – because the crinoline is such a mainstay of modern womens’ fashion. On the other hand, the woman’s bike features a longer head tube and other tweaks for a … Read More


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Today’s Oblique Strategy card: Short circuit (example; a man eating peas with the idea that they will improve his virility shovels them straight into his lap) < p>I’ve added a link to my favourite online Oblique Strategy deck on the right.

How Not To Run A Game Business

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I’ve been reading Your Business Sucks lately. The author is incisive, caustic, and possibly on the verge of a mental breakdown. I also read the jolly good Tears of Envy blog, which I found because the blogger comments on YBS’s┬áStop. Making. Games. post. A lot of what’s said in ToE reflects my feelings, so go … Read More

On The Cards

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Cards aren’t common in RPGs because I guess they’re expensive to print. Those games that do contain cards these days are being marketed towards people who buy board games and will pay board game prices for a RPG, like WFRP 3e. Lace and Steel’s core mechanic for fighting (and sorcery, and repartee) uses a card … Read More