Cow sighted

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Been quiet here and on the podcast for various reasons; the main one is I’ve been pouring my creative energies into getting ready for Concrete Cow 18.5 on the 15th September. I’m offering 2 games: in the morning I’ll be running StormHack (that’s Stormbringer meets Whitehack) with the classic Chaosium scenario “Stolen Moments” from the … Read More

StormHack: Demon Realms

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The higher (moral, magical, macroscopic) external universe is composed of six Demon Realms, a pattern which repeats and resonates throughout all creation and is mirrored by the (individual, microscopic) internal universe within all sentient beings capable of moral choices. This internal universe is a sequence of six impulses that direct individual behaviour. Mediating between the … Read More

StormHack: New Character Sheets

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Prepping for two games using the StormHack system. This one’s for Black Mantle, the YA Dystopia SF meets Attack on Titan / Knights of Sidonia And this one’s for a sort of Eternal Champion type game This week has been trying in the extreme, and it’s been a struggle to just get this out but… … Read More

StormHack SRD Lite: Drama and Adventure Games

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An update to the SRD mini-document for StormHack. What this includes: the “Drama game” which is how you play in downtime or flashbacks, for dramatic scenes/origin stories etc. the “Adventure game” which is basically an OSR game. What it doesn’t contain are details on the Demon Ladders which just wouldn’t fit, but those will come … Read More