Pregens with Hawkwind

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This is my forthcoming Eternal Champion style game for a house con: The WishTower At The Junction Of Nine Planes Once in a generation the WishTower intersects all dimensions. The Sorceress who resides within will grant one wish, without reservation, to any Champion who penetrates her inner sanctum. You are that Champion; chosen by your … Read More

He Left This Message For Us

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This article by Zach Sokol talks about tapes and it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. An individual under the name Bluesmojo wrote about running a cassette label: I run a cassette label. It’s not a “hipster” thing (if you have a problem with how other people consume music, you’re the “hipster”). It’s not about … Read More

Unstoppable Sex Machines

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In the summer of ’93 I discovered two new favourite things: Bowie and Moorcock. Previously I hadn’t really gone for glossy, commercial ToTP 80s Bowie, although Bowie the actor was interesting in Labyrinth (and perversely Absolute Beginners). But Suffragette City was sampled in Carter’s Surfin’ USM, which was interesting. That year Ziggy Stardust, Space Oddity … Read More

Some Ambient Music For Games

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Prompted by several recent discussions on music for rpgs, here’s some ambient music that I especially like that may work. This was originally just a few random notes but then started growing, so I’ve roughly grouped them into five sections. 1: Dark Ambient A lot of Dark Ambient does the same thing — sounds of … Read More

So Frightened To Lose Yourself

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I recently discovered (thanks, social media) that every line of Stephen Lack’s dialogue in Cronenberg’s Scanners was re-recorded and used in place of the original. It explains how Cameron Vale’s voice is present in a subtly different way to the other characters, although maybe that wasn’t intentional. I’d heard samples from Scanners before I’d even … Read More