Saturday, 20 April 2013

Playlist: Don’t Rest Your Head / Lamentations

Some catching up to do re: playlists… here are the soundtracks for two recent games:

Don’t Rest Your Head

  1. Current 93 feat. Nick Cave, All The Pretty Little Horses
  2. UNKLE, I Need Something Stronger
  3. RJD2, Ghostwriter
  4. Yppah, Film Burn
  5. Telefon Tel Aviv, M
  6. Current 93, All The Pretty Little Horsies
  7. Telekine feat. Lisa Gerrard, Haurvarat
  8. Faithless, Insomnia (Moody Mix)
  9. Thom Yorke, Analyse
  10. Gary Numan, Down In The Park (Sulphur mix)
  11. Alio Die, Angler’s Lantern
  12. Current 93 feat. Shirley Collins, All The Pretty Little Horses
  13. Throbbing Gristle, Hamburger Lady
  14. Emilia Torrini, If You Go Away
  15. Coil, All The Pretty Little Horses

Yes, four different versions of All The Pretty Little Horses. Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry. 

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

  1. Fernand Deroussen, Ondee Orageuse
  2. Dead Can Dance, As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins
  3. Robert Rich, Star Maker
  4. Stars of the Lid, The Better Angels Of Our Nation
  5. Kerovnian, Dripping In The Form Of Styx
  6. Tod Dockstader and David Lee Myers, Perp Walk
  7. Atrium Carceri, A Factory Of Souls
  8. Dead Can Dance, The Protagonist
  9. Love Is Colder Than Death, Horns and Horses
  10. The Unquiet Void, A Troubled, Dream-Infested Slumber


p>The first track is ambient sounds of birds twittering and rain. There are plenty of new-age albums around but I found Fernand Deroussen’s Ambiances to be pretty good for ambient sound without nauseating harp or synthesiser over the top. Also good for working in an office and screening out nearby conversation.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Playlist: An Echo

 This week…

  1. Jesca Hoop, Peacemaker
  2. Thighpaulsandra, Christ’s Teeth
  3. Imogen Heap, Glittering Clouds
  4. Moby, We Are All Made Of Stars (2008 version)
  5. Arling and Cameron, Games
  6. Alan Parsons Project, Children of the Moon
  7. Frankie Rose, Had We Had It
  8. Portishead, Chase The Tear
  9. Felix Laband, Whistling In Tongues
  10. Bjork, Hyperballad
  11. COH+Cosey Fanni Tutti, Lying
  12. Can, Smoke
  13. Herbaliser, A Mother (for your mind)
  14. Massive Attack, Teardrop
  15. Alt-J, Something Good
  16. Hybrid, Blackout

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Playlist: Arcadia

Away, with the faeries.

  1. Ash, Arcadia
  2. The Bangles, Hero Takes A Fall
  3. David Bowie, Oh! You Pretty Things
  4. Nik Kershaw, Wouldn’t It Be Good (acoustic version)
  5. Dead Can Dance, Garden of Arcane Delights/Carnival of Light
  6. Wolfmother, White Unicorn
  7. Love Is Colder Than Death, Horns and Horses
  8. Air, Cherry Blossom Girl
  9. Ladytron, Playgirl
  10. Suede, My Insatiable One (piano version)
  11. Emiliana Torrini, Weird Friendless Kid
  12. Babybird, There’s Something Going On
  13. Tim Buckley, Song To The Siren
  14. Beatles, Good Day Sunshine
  15. Peter Gabriel, No Self Control
  16. Arcadia, Keep Me In The Dark
  17. Divine Comedy, Gin Soaked Boy
  18. Jesus Jones, Blissed