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Resurrected my On-One Il Pompino (v2 in Trigger’s Mum’s Bathroom Blue). This was my commuting bike for a 25 mile round trip for about 5 years. Nitto Noodle bars, 48cm Halo Aerorage wheel rear and a Mavic Cosmos front (from my first ever upgrade wheelset) Nitto stem, fizik bar tape, Shimano Br-R550 cantilever brakes Currently … Read More

RPG Revisited: Continuum and Narcissist

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Narcissist is the companion game to the compelling but unplayable Continuum, slated for a 2008 release but so far yet to see anything beyond the 0.7 testing release. In this post I’ll do a couple of things. First, I’ll look at Narcissist as the counterpoint to Continuum (which I’ll revisit, natch). Second, I’ll discuss the … Read More