iPad 2 and iOS 8: How to fix the slowdown

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This is a public service announcement. If you love your iPad2 as I do (all those tasty, tasty game PDFs) but after updating to iOS8 found that it now has the responsiveness of a brick, here’s what you can do: Reset the network by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. … Read More

Mountain Lion Beach Ball

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I upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion on my Macbook Pro last year, and since then I’ve had no end of grief with the machine locking up with the beach ball of death. I was ready this morning to do a fresh install of the OS or even roll back to Snow Leopard–but in a … Read More

Mountain Lion

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I’m going to sound like a dreadful fanboy now, but I just got Mountain Lion, and I really like it. Since my rant on Windows 8 I’ve been eager to see Apple’s effort, hopeful that 10.8 will be the evolutionary, rather than revolutionary release that is expected of the even numbers. Evolutionary because there was a … Read More

Windows 8 Release Preview

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I downloaded and installed the Win8 preview alongside XP on my old PC (which I only really keep around for playing Thief). Now I was probably expecting a bit much when I asked it to run some games, since most of my content is from XP-era and earlier. Steam installed fine but none of the … Read More

Windows 7

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Up until a few months ago my computing at home was a sort of inhomogeneous affair. I had a windows XP Pro desktop (dual booting Crunchbang Linux), a G4 Powerbook running MacOS 10.4, and an old PII that originally ran Win98 and had been used for a variety of server duties, and even as a … Read More